Construction, Refurbishment, Repair and Interior Fit Out Contributions

Tax relief through Capital Allowances can be made on construction, refurbishment, repair and fitting out works carried out on a property providing the claimant can identify that the capital expenditure qualifies as an expense pursuant to their business or trade.

Typically maintenance repairs are categorised as revenue expenditure, however caution should be given to the extent of replacement of assets which fall into the classification of special pool (integral features).
Claims can be made by property occupiers, owners or investors.

Aspects of construction, fitting out and refurbishment works that qualify for Capital Allowance tax relief include expenditure on qualifying:

Any works incidental to the installation of the above, ie., pipework ducts, builders work in connection with.

The team at Jex Capital Allowances utilise their quantity surveying skills and construction knowledge to survey and identify every aspect of construction, refurbishment, repair or fit-out that qualifies for Capital Expenditure, to produce a measured and quantified HMRC compliant analysis and report to be submitted with self-assessment tax returns.  Our aim is to maximise the tax relief available to you.

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